These are some projects that I’ve worked on. Most of these are available on github.

Machine Learning Projects

Chat Bots

  • NuBot - NuBot is a bot that provides global technology news to user through Facebook Messenger and Slack platform. The bot provides custom news content based on user’s interests.

  • Nemesis - TheChatBot - Nemesis is an AIML based bot made for general purpose use. The bot can be customised to serve any specific task.

  • Loan Bot - Loan Bot is used to calculate monthly repayments and total borrowing amount based on input given by the user. It is made using Flow XO platform.

Website template

Chrome extensions

  • BeauTabs - Get beautiful tab page background with an awesome quote every time you open a new tab.

  • TrumpCard-v1.0 - A text replacing extension made just for fun which replaces Mr.Trump and Donald Trump by Crime master Gogo.

  • TrumpCard-v2.0 - A slightly changed extension of the earlier version which replaces Mr.Trump and Donald Trump by Crime master Gogo.


Deep Learning Paper Implementation and Result Reproduction

Miscellaneous Projects

  • Set Get Go - A browser based bundled alarm clock, timer and stopwatch to keep up all your time.

  • Stream Allocation System - A C++ based stream allocating system for higher secondary admissions.

  • Airport Simulation - Simulating a single runway airport using C.

  • Box Shooter - A simple game made using Unity Game Engine.